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Shree Vaishnavi Vidyashram Nursery and Primary School was started in 09 June 2015, with the "AIM" of the school is to provide the type of education that is conductive to the optimum development of the personality of each child and this enables each to play, his or her part as a worthy citizen of this great country in later years of history of the school.

The school offers excellent coaching and tutoring by experienced graduate teachers who are specially trained in practical child psychology. The school follows careful attention on self activity, sense training, social participation, creativity and child's individually based on modern and scientific methodology, good writing, periodical tests, formation of character, discipline, development of personality and adherence to moral and spiritual values are main features of our school.

The school takes atmost care to train and trim every child individually, and thus maintains a high standard of education. Tests are conducted apart from the terminal Examinations and the child's progress is communicated to the parents promptly.

All the children are encouraged to take part in games and physical activities and thus keep them in good physical and mental health and shape.

Assembly prayers are conducted every day before the classes begin and all the children and staff should attend promptly at 9.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m.